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Graphing a Quadratic Function

Maths Revision Videos, Tools and Puzzles

This website is designed to make available a series of mathematics training and revision videos. There are four video sections available. These are as set out below:


Topics Included


Number Multiplication and division, fractions, decimals, ratios, percentages and interest.


Algebra Introductory algebra, solving quadratic equations and solving simultaneous equations, algebraic graphs.


Trigonometry and
Space and Shape
Trig ratios with right angle triangles and Pythagoras' theorem. Also perimeter, area and volume.


Statistics Measures of location (averages and measures of spread) and graphs and charts.

In addition to the video sections there is a section for miscellaneous Maths Tools and Puzzles. Included in this section are tools such as a metric/imperial converter, a prime factor finder and a mental arithmetic training applet. There are also a couple of simple games, which are designed to test memory and logic.

The videos, presented on this site, make use of a unique system designed to allow the viewer to see math problems being solved in real time, along with an audio narration. No cameras were used (or harmed) in the making of these videos. They are, for the most part, pitched at GCSE higher level.

If you are not sure which section a topic belongs to, a site map is provided, listing all of the pages.


Peter Compton